XEDEQUA is a family made «in-house» start-up concept, so it was born and developed at home as it happens with most of the handmade realities in our Country. The story is simple and genuine: after getting practiced by making some infusion products, well appreciated among our friends, we decided to specialize ourselves, with a bit of youthful craziness and lightheartedness, onto the production of more articulated and complex liquors and spirits as a result of studies, analysis and tests, aiming to share to the world our passion for good taste, and in particular for the delicacies of our territory.
The XEDEQUA’s neologism means «Equal Presence», as we try to represent the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in an equal and balanced way, developing quality handcrafted drinks designed to enhance characteristic flavours and tastes from all over the Region.
The female figure part of the logo is hand-drawn, free-style made, and recalls the craftsmanship of our products, as well as the characteristic pattern represented on all our labels is conceived as a floreal composition of the local natural environment which, revisited in a random key, gives the bottle an eccentric, pop and modern design.
Although the tough period we are all facing, which we will overcome so we will win because we have faith courage and enthusiasm(*), we are delighted to provide you with unique craft drinks, characterized by their lively, sparkling and fashion style, which is perceived at any sight and taste.
*Cit. Bobby Walker’s movie «The Company Men»


Our region

Friuli Venezia Giulia is the Italian Region located further North-East of the «Stivale» (the «Italian way to call the Italian Peninsula, literally translated in «boot»), the land’s strip of the «Belpaese» bordering Austria and Slovenia and few kilometers far from Croatia.
The FVG, extending from North to South from the Alps Montains to the Adriatic Sea, represents the connecting land suspended between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, the «MittelEuropa»: a small treasure chest that preserves immense natural beauty of an unique variety, and a melting pot of cultural, historical and artistic tokens, heritages of the various populations who lived here and developed their own civilizations.