AMAROUTE is the Friuli Venezia Giulia’s artisanal and innovative amaro that combines prominent aromatic herbs with key and typical elements of the regional territory such as:

– Grado and Marano’s lagoons marine wormwood – or sea absinthe,

– Ailanthus Honey from «Karst Area»’s Ailanto Trees,

– the Silene Vulgaris, the Catchfly or Sclopit from the Friulian Plains,

– the Infusion of Dandelion, typical of the Carnic Valleys.

The result is a complex drink, with a rich and well-tuned taste, whose essences give the amaro an exquisitely maritime identity: an excellent “AMARUT” in a nutshell, to say it in the Friulian language, or a quality amaro in Italian words.


Nose: An intense and enveloping herbaceous scent of aromas, such as china plant, rhubarb and marine wormwood, remind us the lagoon environment peace.
Palate: Immediately you will perceive a marked and persistent flavor, moderately sweet, reminiscent of Muscat grapes thanks to Ailanthus Honey and to Catchfly-Sclopit’s tastes.
Final: The complex softness gives way to the refreshing notes of the dandelion infusion, for a unrepetitable meditation drink.




50 cl bottle

Sea Absinthe

The Wormwood or sea absinthe, is an artemisia part of the Asteraceae family, which looks like a spontaneous and perennial herbaceous plant of gray-blue color growing in the lagoon areas of the Upper Adriatic Sea and along the Istrian-Venetian coasts. In the past, it was mainly used as a medicinal herb, Wormwood was then smartly mixed by the families of fishermen onto typical elixir with bitter-tonic and digestive properties, well perceived in our Amaroute.


Every spring, the uncontaminated sunny Carnic Valleys get yellow tinted by flowering of the Dandelion (in English, Tarassaco in Italian), a plant with great healing properties, which in these parts is known as “the gold of Valcalda”. Dandelion, also called here as “Soffione” or “Lion Teeth”, derives its name from the Greek “Tarasseo”, which means “I heal”. Technically Taraxacum officinale, is a herbaceous plant grouped on the Asteraceae family, is valued by the local populations as key element for infusions, creams, jellies and syrups. This versatility led on obtaining the recognition of PAT label, so a «Traditional Agri-food Product» of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region. Dandelion excels also for its digestive and refreshing notes, faithfully proposed on our drinks.

Ailanthus Honey

Ailanthus is a deciduous plant, belonging to the Simaroubaceae family, native to eastern Asia and imported to Europe as an ornamental plant at the end of the 18th century. Known as “Ailanthus altissima” – or “very high Ailanthus”, in Italy it is also known as the “paradise tree”, as it grows in an extraordinary way, legend says “until it reaches the sky». It grows in many areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, such as the Friuli plain, on the Isonzo and Trieste Karst, on the shores of Doberdò Lake, where our honey is produced. Ailanthus Honey, with an amber color and a fragrance similar to that of mushrooms and fresh fruits, has a marked and persistent flavor on the palate, medium sweet, reminiscent of muscat grapes with a peach tea aftertaste, characteristics that are well mix in our Amaroute.


“Sclopit” is the Friulian term to define Silene Vulgaris also known in English as Catchfly, a wild grass that grows among the uncultivated land and stable meadows of the Region during the spring time. It is called Silene because of its flowers’s puffy cup shape, recalling the belly of the Greek god Silenus, mate of Bacchus, the god of wine. The dialectal name, on the other hand, derives from the fact that children loved to burst its balloon-shaped flowers to hear the noise similar to an explosion, the so called “sclopit”. It is a herb up to about 70 cm high made by elliptic shaped silver-green color tending to gray leaves, whose buds have a sweetish taste remembering the spinaches and nettles, well-founded in our drinks.

The ingredients making our drinks are responsibly obtained from selected suppliers, preserving the environmental eco-sustainability.

How to
taste it

Let us be hugged by the fresh and sparkling taste at the nose and palate of the marine wormwood: AMAROUTE is the “All time Drink”, suitable for any occasion, to be enjoyed still or on the rocks.
Excellent for creative mixology, with the addition of ice, lemon or orange peel and aromatic herbs to emphasize the intense flavor of the region’s typical botanicals